Company profile

“Thirty years of commitment, success, and dreams – that’s our history in a nutshell. A history of lively and curious interest in technology, creative yet practical solutions to impossible problems for customers, and putting people first.”

Technological success means honoring a commitment to the customer: working on the customer’s behalf. L’Elettrotecnica Visintini has always been committed to challenging technological customs in order to offer its customers appropriate, innovative, high quality systems engineering solutions.

Our customers trust us to offer technical solutions that use electrical energy as a primary source, integrating it with all processes, from concept to commissioning and maintenance. L’Elettrotecnica Visintini is a dependable partner for all your energy-related needs.
Vision: “A prompt solution for anything, anywhere.” Mission: “We need to work so closely with the customer that the Company itself becomes an extension of the customer. As the Company thinks, acts, learns, and improves on behalf of customer, so we, who are the Company, need to think, act, learn, and improve for that customer, as well as for ourselves. Constant aspects of our experience are trust, honesty, and the profound importance of keeping our word.”